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The first iteration of the STARFORCE PI was built with a few clear intentions:

1) Make it portable, so you can keep it at work, on your desk, in your home, room etc.

2) Make it accurate, add full microswitch arcade joystick and buttons, good video, good sound.

3) Make the games work well, mame4all is great on the RasPi.

4) Make it functional & pretty, have HDMI out, USB inputs, and build it as solid possible.



Almost all components of the STARFORCE PI will be off-the-shelf and easily replaceable. Everything will be clicked, screwed or plugged into place for easy access, which will allow users to swap out the RasPi for a RasPi2, add a different screen, change button colors, take the battery out, etc. You will also be able to position the screen in vertical/tate or horizontal mode, for maximum video arcade compatibility.

The case will consist of two shell parts, created by means of injection molding. This means the initial 3D renders of the system will be redisgned in a CAD model, prototyped and then finally used to build the tooling required for the injection mold process.





With the Arcade Kit from we could tie the internals together in the original SFP. Now our engineer, Hartmut Wendt, is building a custom SFP Arcade Shield to fit on to the RasPi allowing for maximum functionality and flexibility.

This will allow the screen, RasPi, controls, and sound to be powered from a single source, and will bring the best integrated audio, video and haptic playback for Arcade Entertainment!



We recognise that most emulators and frontends are labors of love by small comitted teams, and should be acknowledged as such. So rather than developing our own emulator suite, we will support existing ones to bring you a great experience, tailor-made for the SFP and easy to use.

We've tentatively approached the developers of PiPlay and Emulation Station and hope to discuss with other developer teams and extend support.



These are a few concepts we'd like to explore after development of the STARFORCE PI system, thinking a little beyond hardware and emulation:


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Let's regain the cartridge culture a little, by approaching developers of old and new 8 and 16-bit style games and convincing them to bring their game to the Star Force Pi in SD-card form. Of course, this will include cases, manuals, decals etc, in much the same spirit of the TurboGrafX HuCard.

We'd like to extend the gameplay of the SFP to two-player, head-to-head battles! But we'll need to explore the possibilities of a wired or wireless connection between two SFPs, and how (emulated) games will support this.



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